Managed IT Support

IT support is a critical service, whether it’s day to day management of systems, responding to unexpected issues or adapting to new systems that will benefit your business. However, it may not be possible to address all of this with your current staff model. That’s where managed IT support services step in. At PURE IT, we offer personalised IT services that suit your needs.

Beyond specialized services, it’s also possible to implement support via staff services. IT support is an especially critical area, as problems of varying severity occur every day. However, it may not be possible to address all of them with your current staff model.

Here’s where managed IT support services step in. IT support services are implemented through PURE IT and the difference is that this type of outsourcing is at the staff level.

Benefits of Managed IT Support

One main benefit of managed IT support services is filling your employment gaps. However, there are many more advantages beyond the scope of employment.

For one, PURE IT has a wide range of experience and knowledge in our IT professionals. This broad range of expertise means we can deploy solutions and strategies which can elevate performance of your systems across the board.

Managed IT support also has the benefit of cost-savings. Because your company doesn’t need to hire and maintain traditional staff, your business can cut costs. Additionally, by proactively addressing IT problems, which can cause downtime or performance issues, your company can ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible.

Our standard Managed IT Services package includes:

  • Australian IT support staff
  • On-Premises and Cloud device management
  • IT systems monitoring
  • Scheduled IT maintenance
  • Cloud based IT security services to counteract viruses, malware and spyware
  • Business data backup

Cloud-Based Managed Services

Beyond traditional MSP services, cloud-based services are increasingly being utilised by leading companies across the globe. With increasing adoption of cloud-based services comes the need for additional IT support – that’s where we come in.

We can support you with your cloud-based business, including IT troubleshooting, network building, cybersecurity, responsive support and data monitoring. If you’re interested in making the move to a cloud-based service we can assist you and your company with the transition. We can manage your cloud-based system end to end, or simply assist your existing IT team to address gaps and provide additional coverage.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 has the tools you need to work anytime, anywhere, on any device. It has the same Office apps you’ve used for years, plus all the benefits of the cloud.

Exchange online

All the benefits of cloud-based email without sacrificing the business-class capabilities that Exchange Server has provided for decades. Built on the same technology as Exchange Server, Microsoft takes care of the regular and ongoing Exchange infrastructure maintenance, while IT Administrators are provided with the flexibility and control they need.

SharePoint online

Gives your business a highly secure, central location to assist your people to efficiently collaborate, find stored organisational resources, manage content and workflow, and gain the business insight they need to make better-informed decisions. Your staff can create and manage project-based or team-based sites for collaboration and document sharing.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork, which brings together everything a team needs: chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on.

Advantages of switching to Microsoft Office 365

The main benefits of switching to Microsoft Office 365 are:

  • it helps you move at a pace that makes sense for your business,
  • increased team collaboration,
  • offers flexible working conditions, and
  • improves efficiency and productivity.

3CX Cloud Based Phone Systems

Can your employees work productively from anywhere using voice apps on their smartphones? Conduct remote business meetings via web conferencing without requiring apps? Service customer requests via website live chat?

With 3CX PBX they can do this and much more. The freedom of choice doesn’t end there, with 3CX you can choose to deploy on-premise on Windows or Linux, in your private cloud account or opt for 3CX to host your PBX for you. Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed a hassle-free PBX that requires minimum management. Call PURE IT today to see how we can save you on your monthly bills.